Spot Night changes, but in a good way

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Anne Nickoloff, Music Reporter
April 26, 2013
Filed under Arts & Entertainment, Features

After another successful year, Spot Night may face some future changes to promote its weekly presence on Case Western Reserve University’s campus.
“We’re looking to book artists that will be getting big within the next few years, as well as moving Spot Night back to a later time,” said University Program Board (UPB) concert committee co-chair Brianna Thompson.

Sometimes Spot Night is thought of as a lame series of local, unknown bands, but recognizable names began building a fan base at venues like the Spot.
MGMT, Gym Class Heroes, Jack’s Mannequin, Phantom Planet, and Big Boi performed at Spot Nights before becoming more popular (and out of UPB’s price range). This year’s concerts, especially Lighthouse & the Whaler, Action Item, and William Beckett, were all “reasonably successful,” according to Thompson.

By moving Spot Night’s time to later in the evening, it may allow students who are participating in Wednesday club meetings or other extracurricular activities to attend the shows, thus consistently increasing the audience size.
UPB’s concert committee is also in charge of running the Fall Concert, which featured B.o.B. this past year. Thompson said both the Fall Concert and upcoming Spot Nights of next semester “should bring a bright new music scene to the Case campus.”